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Chaos Legends: Reloaded

Mick TheHedgie and Temps The Konqueror, two kids who have ran away from home. After their unpleasant meeting they begin to grow together and learn to survive while searching for Acceptance.


Cameo Requirements: Updated.

As this comic is depicting years of life, it will need many cameos ranging from Major characters to simple background characters.

Major Characters will appear in chapters and will frequently return either as friends of the Main cast or a recurring villian.

Requirements: Edits or Custom. Send a full bio of their character and not the usual,(Funny and Serious).

Gender and Race:
Personality:(Second Most Important) If you write funny until there is a fight I will murder a bitch.
Powers: -This CoMICK will have a high-power influence, so make sure to specify powers.
Bio: I want to know everything about them, i.e: Parents,Birth, How are they in a modern society. And remember the Bio is made because I want to display the true nature of your character, if you don't send one without enough information your character might end up in a situation you won't like. Btw- Too bad.


Background Characters: All/Majority background characters will get a chance to talk so don't worry about that. And they will be given multiple chances to show up.
Requirements: Recolours/Edits/Customs.
All Cameos should be in Sonic style (Sonic Advance, Sonic Battle, Sonic Humans) There will be times where we accept other styles such as: Jump and etc.
Please send your cameos to Mix V.I.A PM.

posted by Mix @ December 29th, 2010, 1:45 pm  -  3 comments

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